Candle Care Guide

So, you really have to look after your candle properly if you want it to live long and prosper...and not start any house fires. I’ve compiled a list of do’s and dont’s for you here to make it easy for you. Please follow them. Alright?!


  • Trim your wick to around 1/2 a cm after each burn. If you don’t have a handy wick trimmer then nail clippers will do the job! Keeping your wick nice and trimmed is so important and it massively effects the burn quality and longevity of the candle. It stops unsightly carbon deposits from forming (also known as ‘mushrooming’), stops the flame from becoming too tall and stops the production of soot. It basically ensures the candle burns safely and steadily for its entirety.
  • Burn your candle for 3-4 hours every time you burn it, particularly for the first burn. With our rapeseed blend wax, you may not get a full melt pool until the 4th or even 5th burn, but this is ok. The rapeseed blend is a harder wax so takes longer to melt down. Just make sure you burn your candle for a good amount of time with each burn and the wax on the sides will catch up! If you only burn your candle for short increments, then it will start to tunnel which will effect the scent throw and overall burn life and quality.
  • Burn your candle on a heat resistant surface and away from anything that can catch fire....particularly children and pets.
  • Keep your candle covered with the lid when it’s not being used. This will keep dust and small debris from contaminating the wax.



  • Don’t ever burn your candle for more than 4 hours. It becomes a huge fire risk and it also isn’t great for the candle itself. Even with heat resistant candle jars, there is the risk of the glass exploding when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. 
  • Don’t burn your candles for short increments! This might sound like it’s contradicting the previous point, but as mentioned earlier - only burning your candle for an hour at a time will cause it to tunnel. It’s about finding the right balance, burning too long is a fire risk, not burning long enough will ruin the candle. 
  • Don’t pick up the candle when it’s burning. Candle jars can obviously get hot when in use, especially if it’s been burning for a few hours. Never try and pick it up from the top of the glass where it will be the hottest. Grab it like a cup from the bottom, even once it’s cooled. 
  • Don’t let your candle burn all the way to the bottom. You want to leave about 1cm of wax at the end to ensure the bottom of the glass doesn’t get too hot. Again, another fire risk.