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Flicker Crypt

The Ghoul Gang set

The Ghoul Gang set

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Introducing the ghoulest gang in town, the creepiest creeps in the crypt, the…you get the idea.

Spook up your Halloween decor (or just your every day) with our very first pillar candle set. Each ghoul has been handpoured using premium Rapeseed blend wax and cotton wicks. Each one has a burn time of at least 8 hours. 

What you get: 

  • 1 x Black Ghoul
  • 2 x White Ghouls (aka the twins)
  • 1 x Black Resting Reaper 
  • Plastic free and recyclable shipping.
  • 1 tree planted with every order through Tree Nation.

(Please note these candles are unscented).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steffan Goodall
'I Must Be Firm'...

This delightfully haunting quartet were my first purchase from these hallowed halls and the cause of unrestful nights.

They caught my eye a while back and were purchased as a Christmas gift for a friend and fellow lover of MR James (the seated reaper bringing to mind the cursed carvings from his 'Stalls Of Barchester Cathedral'' tale).

They arrived sturdily packaged and beautifully wrapped and as such were gifted, as yet unseen and untouched, by myself. 'Absentmindedly', the thoughtfully included wax melt skull was omitted before the gift was wrapped and exchanged. This was perhaps the reason for my downfall!

Within a couple of days I returned to purchase a set for myself, only to find them 'Sold Out'. Perhaps novelty socks would have been a better gift,keeping these beautiful ghouls for my own pleasure? Despite my disappointment, I reassured myself that they would return and in the words of James' central character repeated the mantra 'I must be firm!'.

On Boxing Day night, came the first of the visitations,'I'm never going to light these. I'm just going to look at them!'
A fitful nights sleep was again soothed by the words that calmed me when thoughts drifted to the coveted candles, 'I must be firm!'

Since that night, I have received almost nightly 'taunts' informing me of how my acquaintance was 'Sat with my new friends', how they took centre stage in the home and worst of all... the images! The more I heard and saw, the more I both coveted and regretted my generosity in equal measure. Both spectres and mantra occupied my mind ever more... 'I MUST be firm!'

Last Thursday, on our return to work, cane the act that almost brought my downfall. During afternoon tea, my 'friend' produced a carefully wrapped box and smiled as he placed it upon the desk. I knew immediately what it would contain, but my mind was not prepared for what the act of holding them would result in.

They objects of my desire are stunning in their craftsmanship, delightful to hold and incredibly difficult to put down. Begrudgingly, I did so and with a smile repeated to myself the words that had saved my mind since the day the ghouls entered my life... 'I MUST be firm!!!'

The one redeeming detail that may save a friendship, my friend and my soul came yesterday when it was announced that the objects of my desire were 'back in stock'. Needless to say, I will be visiting the Flicker Crypt in the coming days to put bring this curse to an end.

Perhaps there'll be no need for a visit from 'the kitchen cat' and an unfortunate accident on the stairs!


I'm sorry this review is so very long, but these little spooks deserved a haunting tale all of their own (with a tip of the hat to MR James' tale that pulled me to them).

Buy them... but don't be foolish enough to let them from your grasp!!!

Ultimate Halloween Set

The ghoul gang look so good I won't let anyone light them, they are now officially part of the home decor. The detail is fantastic and they have had so many comments on when people have come to my house, fantastic set!

Too pretty to burn

Just as described